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Monday, July 16, 2012

I've heard a Japanese high school in the city of "Otsu" was full of menace from the head master to the teachers. The school name is "Ohjiyama Junior High School" (you can Google it; they have a webpage). The municipal police of Otsu City has just commenced a full investigation of the school and a special task force of forty agents scrutinized the school and the teachers including the head master. Counts are robbery, assault done by at least three fourteen-year-old students to a victim; he killed himself last year (an ergent news told this case might be the first class murder but not suicide; the victim found upside-down on the ground even though he was to dive from the 14th floor).

According to dependable news sources, those evil-hearted teenagers urinated the underpants of the victim daily, torched the underhair, forced the victim to eat dead sparrows, bees, spit, garbage, mock-hang himself from the top roof, steal merchandises at stores, draw money from his named account and let him play a body in a mock funeral service for him in the class often. The teacher who should have stopped such cruel doings always just gazed at what was going around the victim boy. Not a small number of classmates witnessed this teacher's attitudes and some of them reported to other teachers. But, they have ignored those voices of goodness. Authorities suppose some of those diabolic teenagers have parents who are celebrities in the region (what kind of celebrity can educate such devils?) and the police, the city gov't and the school let things going on without any proper intervention before the tragedy occurred.

The municipal police also turned down three times accusations from the parents of the victim boy. The mayor hired a lawyer that guy denied the fact before the court (both of them should know shame and give back your licences to the court!). That mayor is a lawyer graduated from Harvard Law School (I am happy to have graduated U of C). I really feel disgusting against this fact that such a shameless person is qualified to practice law as I do. We lawyers have been bestowed with an authority to report such crime against humanity to the district attorney office. Why has not she done it yet? You should know the shame, Naomi KOSHI, that is the name of the person. Haven' you solemnly sworn before the God to protect the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of New York in 2010? It is just two years ago! You are shame of all of us, New York lawyers. You should do what you have to do before the court and before our Lord!

Otsu City is just a street across my home in Japan. I really encourage people in the City should be aware of humanity and take an action to bring justice in street. Actually, these two years I have seen not a small number of events that worry me so much and let me consider not a small number of people have no sense of shame around me. That worry has become reality; it is happening to me! Harassment to me as a lawyer and my family, to which I referred in this blog.

We would definitely accuse those evils involved in the High School murder and the case of harassment to me. We surely bring justice as lawyers before the court against the case and other shameless doings against humanity. I do battle under the name of Lord, you should also fight against those shameless devils which live in institutes of education in Shiga Prefecture of Japan. We are small grains but not powerless. We can pray for the Light of the God. And, we can take an action. That is the way Lord orders all of us to do.

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