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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Have you seen lightning strike close to you? Just half an hour ago, I saw it. A flash of lightning suddenly struck the ground. It was ten to fifteen meters away from a tree that gave me a shelter from huge rain. The flash was white and a little bid blue in color. After it fell down, a spark in red bounced toward me. I found a small current from the ground jump to the toe of my right shoe. I felt it on the right leg. It was really scary. I ducked under the tree and prayed the rosary. Gradually, thunders approached me over the shelter tree. I run into a building of the university. I was soaked to the skin,but still better than hit by lightning. Now, it is clear in the sky and cool wind makes me relaxed. The day after tomorrow, I would visit the brithplace of Beato John Paul P.P. II in Wadowice, Poland. Lord shows divina providentia in my pilgrimage. I thank and praise God.

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