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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This noon, I again encountered a young deer deep in the forest near the university. That deer was a bid grown up one that was not a fawn. But, it was the fawn I met one month before. I soon noticed it. She was (must be so) picking something on the ground quite far away from me. It was eight to ten meters or around ten yards between us. She gazed at me for a considerable length of time. Then, I said to her, "watch out and don't be close to man". She slowly went into the forest. I walked out of it and again looked inside the forest. I found her jump and dash in bush. She grow up around three feet high. Next year, people around here might see new born fawns. She changed brown in color. I spent one month here. What a nice gift God gives me twice. Yesterday, I found footprints of a deer inside the forest; I expected some encounter today. It is still a miracle. I really thank God.

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