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Thursday, June 7, 2012

This evening, I went to a cafe for enjoying espresso. I found this last week, but could not come here due to some work. It is called Ollies. They offer nice cakes, coffee and tea! I asked a lady with espresso and a fruit tart. They are a bid expensive here, let's say around USD 4.20 or some. Marvelous! Se est Verisima! I rushed into the counter and asked tea. The name is White Ginger Pear. This was really nice. Good flavor makes me relaxed as I were in the Four Season's Hotel Lounge. Furthermore, she speaks very well English. That's a good news to me. This event has reminded me of the first morning I came here to Czech. It is twenty one years ago. A room I rented was on the third floor. Every morning, the house owner brought me a pot of tea with some bread and a small cake. That cake tasted so nice. And, tea did so. This evening, I am really back to that time. I am back here, yes.

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