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Thursday, December 8, 2011

It is great! I have not experienced even a rainy day here in Hong Kong since October. The day after tomorrow, I will visit India again. There nobody can expect rain in this winter season. It is Mumbai that I give a talk in the University. I have no idea why so many chances to pay a visit there, though I had not expected to come to that country in my childhood. India was just a country far away. That sounded me like a kingdom in a fairly tale or Arabian nights. Every year, somebody gives me a chance to come there. It is amazing to me.

I don't have particular feelings to visit there. I often hear people think about the opportunity to see India somehow mysterious or a kind of calling. But, it is to me just a thing to do so. I don't get excited to be there so as to stay here in Hong Kong. Actually, my visit to Vatican was so special as a Roman Catholic. Maybe, that is the reason that I don't have any special feeling to be there.

I don't feel to visit cities in China mainland, while I stay in Hong Kong. Everything including the Great Wall or the Old Palace don't let me excited to go and see. If possible, I would like to visit Taiwan and enjoy there to see many arts and pictures exhibited in the Old Palace Museum. I am not a sight seeing love but you can classify me an art crasy.

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