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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Last night, have got a notice of acceptance from an online journal. Ajith handles this brand new one. It was this mid July that I sent a manuscript to him; almost four months passed from then. Anyway, I appreciate this news, but this research was done almost two years before their acceptance... My current interest is away from their concern. Maybe, they should find a completely different approach in December, where I give a plenary talk as a keynote speaker at the Univ. of Mumbai.

Yesterday, I was in Baptist Univ. here in Kowloon, HK. Prof. Eugene Santos, Jr. gave a distinguished lecture there in the Dept. of Science, that has a division of computer science. His talk is quite interdisciplinary and interesting on Bayesian-Network-Based Knowledge Mining, that is an extension of the orthodox Bayesian Networks with probabilistic distributions on trust and reliance of information sources. Yes, that should be nice to apply socio-political or psychological matters; he is a graduate of Brown Univ.; this does make sense. However, as he cited in his conclusion, its validation is really tough a question... The direction of my research is away from human or social related issues to pure natural science, somehow. But, his approach as an interdiscource way in computer science is really appreciated; CS is not a science, nonetheless just engineering to be applied to other arts, as Feynman said.

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